Balinese Dishes Selection
Perkedel Jagung Sweet Corn and Prawn Cake Served with Peanut and
Young Papaya Relish
Gado Gado Cooked Mixed Vegetable Served with Melinjo Crackers,
Tofu and Peanut Sauce
Sate Lilit Minced Chicken on Lemongrass Skewers Served with
Peanut Sauce and Relish
Udang Baruna Stir fried Prawn with Tomato Sambal, Bok Coy, Green Chilli
and Kemangi Leaf
Ikan Bakar Grilled Whole Baby Snapper Served with Cucumber
and Coconut Salad and Shallot Sambal
Ayam Betutu Balinese Stewed and Roasted Chicken Served with
Cucumber Coconut Salad and Steamed White Rice
Pisang Goreng King Banana Fritters Served with Palm Sugar Sauce and
Chocolate Ice Cream
Dadar Gulung Pandan and Caramelized Banana Crepes with Palm Sugar Sauce
and Vanilla Ice Cream
Bubur Injin Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Jackfruit, Mango Salad and Mango Sorbet
Balinese Dishes Selection
Tongkol Sambal Matah Grilled rare tuna salad with shallot and lemongrass dressing
Martabak Kepiting Crab and vegetables martabak
Jejeruk Udang Warm salad with prawn and vegetables in coconut dressing
Sup Buntut Clear oxtail soup with vegetables and potato
Sambal Udang Stir fried prawn with tomato sambal served with pandan steamed rice
Be Sampi Mekalas Stewed beef in Balinese spice
Pisang Goreng King banana fritter served with vanilla ice cream and roasted sesame seed
Jajan Pasar Assorted Balinese sweet
Western Dishes Selection
Crispy Duck Leg Salad Marinated mushroom, mango and tamarind chutney and herb salad
Poached Beef Tenderloin Marinated kalamata olive, tuna mayo and fine salad
Classic Tomato Soup With braised red bean, Italian basil, shaped parmesan and garlic crouton
Tuna Consommé Kalamata olive and tuna ravioli, dice tomato and cucumber
Glazed Barramundi Served with potato Gallette and lemongrass saffron sauce
Harvey Beef Tenderloin Slow braised oxtail, braising jus, and shallot comfit, lentil and pommes fondant
Crème Brulee Kafir lime infused raspberry compote and chocolate chunk ice cream
Bitter Chocolate Tart Pineapple and red chilli compote, Balinese sea salt and rosemary ice cream
Western Dishes Selection
Beetroot and Green Pear Salad Roasted Beetroot, Feta, Green Pear and Misuna Leaf Salad
Rare Beef Salad Grilled Australian Beef Tenderloin Salad Served with Mixed Pepper and Nouc Cham Dressing
Squid Salad Sichuan Salt and Pepper Squid with Green Mango, Bean Sprout, Mixed Herb and Chilli Lime Dressing
Tuna Kalamata Pan Seared Fresh Tuna Served with Spinach Linguini and Kalamata Olive Lemongrass Sauce
Stuffed Chicken Breast Served with Garlic Fettuccini, Watercress Salad and Black Pepper Sauce
Steamed Grouper Fillet Steamed Grouper Fillet with Soy Mirin and Ginger Sauce Served with Chinese cabbage and Spring Onion
Baked Pear Surprise Served with Mixed Berry Compote and Red Wine Sauce
Chocolate Mousse Served with Berry and Tuilles
Cream Caramel Served with Strawberry and Soft Caramel Sauce
Healthy Dishes Selection
Poached Prawn with fresh Mango Salad And Tamarind Dressing
Garden Green with pumpkin, bean, avocado, cucumber and ginger miso dressing
Roasted Pumpkin Soup With Orange and Cardamom
Zucchini and Basil Soup With asparagus tips
Steamed Fragrant Snapper Fillet With Sweet Sour Broth, Long Bean, Tomato Cherry and Lemon Basil
Cermoula Crusted Chicken With red rice and dried fruit salad with garlic yoghurt sauce
Coconut Panna Cotta With Pineapple Crisp
Tamarillo Jelly With passion fruit and mango sorbet
Wedding Cakes
Small sized Wedding Cake enough for 10-20 of guest USD 160 net / cake
Medium sized wedding Cake enough for 30-50 of guest USD 350 net/ cake
Large sized wedding Cake enough for 60-100 of guest USD 485 net/ cake
Balinese & Indonesian Dishes Selection
Lawar Kacang Yard long bean salad
Gado Gado Gado gado with peanut sauce
Rujak Campur Mixed fruit salad with chili tamarind dressing
Tongkol Sambal Matah Grilled Rare Tuna salad with shallot and lemongrass dressing
Soto Ayam Spicy chicken soup with boiled egg, celery and glass noodle
Main Course
Mie Goreng Jamur Fried noodle with mushroom
Sambal Udang Prawn, chili and lime in coconut sauce
Sapi Lada Hitam Grilled beef loin in black pepper sauce
Ikan Kakap Asam Manis Fillet white snapper in sweet and sour sauce
Sate Ayam Chicken sate
Cap Cay Stir fried vegetables
Nasi Goreng Fried Rice
Condiment Selection of krupuk, acar and sambal
Sate Buah Tropical Fruit Skewer
Jajan Pasar Assorted Balinese cake
Dadar Gulung Caramelized banana pancake
Western Dishes Selection
Seafood Salad Seafood Salad with Tomato, Zucchini and Orange
White Cooked Chicken Salad Poached chicken salad with sweet sesame dressing
Nicoise Salad Tuna confit, wild green leaf, green bean, boiled egg, kalamata olive and herb dressing
Tomato Salad Marinated tomato, feta cheese, fresh oregano and balsamic vinegar
Crab and Asparagus Soup
Main Course
Baramundi Pan fried barramundi curried and creamed cauliflower and mint leaf
Roasted Chicken Oven roasted free range chicken, roasted vegetables, gravy, puffed garlic
Braised Beef Slow braised beef, sauce bordelaise, champignons and caramelized shallot
Grilled Vegetable Grilled mixed vegetable
Roasted Potato Oven roasted baby potato, Balinese sea salt and thyme
Steamed Rice Steamed white rice scented lemongrass
Assorted Tropical Fresh Fruit Sliced
Strawberry and Mango Yoghurt Trifle
Orange and ginger cake
Chocolate Brownies
Afternoon High Tea Traditions
USD 25 net per person
Your choice of seasonal fruit juice
English scones with homemade preserves and thickened cream
Assortment of English style tea biscuit
Oven savory scones with smoked salmon and caper relish
Tea sandwich: savory mini sandwich
Chocolate pastries
Assorted fruit tart with English custard
Accompanied by your prepared choice of coffee or tea
3 canapés USD 10 net per person
6 canapés USD 18 net per person
Cold Canapés
Gazpacho shooter
Summer roll with dipping sauce
Tomato Cherry with Seafood
Smoked Salmon Roll Asparagus
Smoked Duck on crostini
Feta Cheese with Water Melon
Crackers’ with Cream Cheese
Shrimp Chili Ai
Dill Quail Egg on Toasted Bread
Mini vegetables Sandwich
Potato Creekers with Salsa Sauce
Tortilla with Guacamole & Salsa
Hot Canapés
Sweet corn cake with chili dipping sauce
Sesame toasted prawn
Chicken Samosa
Vegetarian mini spring roll
Balinese Fish Kebab with Lemon Grass Stick
Chicken Sate with peanut sauce
Quiche Lorraine
Chicken Val Au Vent
Flakey Pastry with Seafood
Sweet Canapés
Chocolate brownies
Coconut panna cotta
Orange and almond cake
Chocolate Éclair
Mocha Éclair
Sus Vla
Fruit Skewer
Cream Brule
Fruit Tartlet
Strawberry Dip chocolate
Pricing for 1 Hour Open Bar “min 20 pax
In Usd Net per person
Non alcoholic – Usd 15 Additional Hour : Usd 13
Standard – Usd 23 Additional Hour : Usd 20
Deluxe – Usd 28 Additional Hour : Usd 24
Premium – Usd 33 Additional Hour : Usd 29
Open bar – Non alcoholic
Free Flow of Soft Drinks & Juices
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, fanta strawberry, ready to drink juice (mango, guava, sour soup)
Price includes:
Complete bar equipment, glasses, staff, service, ice and other supplies
Open bar – Standard
Free Flow of Soft Drinks & Beer
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, fanta strawberry, ready to drink juice (mango, guava, sour soup) Bintang
Price includes:
Complete bar equipment, glasses, staff, service, ice and other supplies
Open bar – Deluxe
Free Flow of Soft Drinks, Beer & House Wine
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, fanta strawberry, ready to drink juice (mango, guava, sour soup) Bintang
Beer and House Wine ( red and white )
Price includes:
Complete bar equipment, glasses, staff, service, ice and other supplies
Open bar – Premium
Free Flow Free Flow of Soft Drinks, Beer, House Wine & Spirits
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, fanta strawberry, ready to drink juice (mango, guava, sour soup) Bintang
Beer, House Wine (red and white) and optional spirit (whiskey & vodka ) or sparkling wine
Price includes:
Complete bar equipment, glasses, staff, service, ice and other supplies
Bar Upon Consumptions
Beers (by bottle), 330 ml Bintang Beer Usd 4.5
Mineral Water (by bottle) Aqua 600ml Usd 1
Ready to drink juice (by pitcher) mango Usd 7.5
Sour soup Usd 7.5
Apple Usd 7.5
Guava Usd 7.5
Soft Drinks (by bottle) Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Tonic, Sprite, Soda Usd 2.5
Non Alcoholic Cocktail (per glass) Fruit punch, Strawberry blush, Mint tonic,
Lemon Squash
Usd 2.5
Alcoholic Cocktail (per glass) Lychee Martini, Vodka Martini, Caipiroska,
Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan, Strawberry
Mojito, Margarita, Whiskey
Usd 10
Corkage fee per opened bottle Champagne, Wine Usd 10
Spirit Usd 15